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    My Plan. My Career. My Future.

    Montana CIS 360
    My Plan. My Career. My Future.

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Your Career Plan Starts Here!

Each stage of the journey is different, and we are here for you every step of the way. Our 6-12 and College/Adult tools support your lifelong career exploration and development.

Create your own individualized plan using your personal interests and goals. The more you know, the better career and education decisions you can make!

A Lifelong Career Development Tool that Grows with You

Middle school aged student.

MCIS 360 Junior

Middle school exploration of careers, goals, interests, and values

High School aged student.

MCIS 360 High School

High school self-discovery and ownership over career and education plans

Adult aged user at computer.

MCIS 360 College & Adult

Career transitions, employment skills, and exploring career options

Adult aged user at computer.

Generate robust reports, customize career plans, manage user portfolios, and more