We Empower Lifelong Career Readiness

The Montana Career Information System (MCIS) is a comprehensive online system that offers career, education, and current labor market information in one, easy-to-use tool. We are part of the Montana Department of Labor and Industry's Workforce Division. We work in partnership with the U.S. Department of Labor's Bureau of Labor Statistics and Employment & Training Administration to develop labor market information about Montana and the United States.

MCIS is powered by intoCareers. For over 50 years, intoCareers has supported high-quality career information and planning systems across the nation. As a non-profit, we focus all of our resources on promoting research-based, best-practice career information services.

intoCareers is an outreach unit of the University of Oregon, College of Education. Our mission helps the College of Education fulfill its mission: Making Educational and Social Systems Work for All.

Group of six students middle school/high school aged smiling.

50+ Years

Since 1971, we have been leaders in providing reliable career development for all ages.

2 Million+ Annual Users

Our nationwide network takes ownership over their career and education planning.

Over 30 States

Our tools are found in schools, campuses, homes, libraries, job centers, and more.

Our Career Development Tools

MCIS provides a comprehensive software system that helps people make informed career and education choices. Our lifelong learning tools include annually updated wage and employment data, age-appropriate self-surveys with visual and interactive results, career and college planning at the local and national level, and robust financial aid resources.

MCIS 360 Junior

Middle school exploration of careers, goals, interests, and values.

MCIS 360 High School

High school self-discovery and ownership over career and education plans.

MCIS 360 College & Adult

Launching careers, transitions, employment skills, and exploring options.

Where You Can Find Us

MCIS can be found in schools, campuses, libraries, homes, after-school programs, camps, job centers, and more. Contact us to update or order an MCIS Account.